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Operating theatre has four rooms equipped with a machine for operations artificial heart, and anesthesia devices, monitoring and pumps to give medicines, for all the work of the Special Operations wounds heart of all ages from the newborn to adult.

Sixth floor contains 25 patient compartment of the class C
Seventh floor contains 25 patient compartment of the class A & B, Which include the establishment of the wings


Lab: All types of analyzes that characterized the results of the finite precision and speed completion record
Blood Bank: Equipped to provide the necessary surgical operations blood bags and blood groups of rare service and receive blood donations through the entire screening process before and during donation
Type Name
Clinical Chemistry Glucose (fasting, PP or Rand.)
Clinical Chemistry Hb A1 C
Clinical Chemistry Cholesterol
Clinical Chemistry Triglycerides
Clinical Chemistry HDL & LDL Cholesterol
Clinical Chemistry Urea
Clinical Chemistry Creatinine
Clinical Chemistry Creatinine clearance
Clinical Chemistry Uric acid
Clinical Chemistry Sodium Na
Clinical Chemistry Potassium K
Clinical Chemistry Blood gases without Na & K
Clinical Chemistry Bilirubin Total
Clinical Chemistry Bilirubin Direct
Clinical Chemistry GPT (ALT)
Clinical Chemistry GOT (AST)
Clinical Chemistry Alkaline phosphatase
Clinical Chemistry GGT
Clinical Chemistry Total protein
Clinical Chemistry Albumin
Clinical Chemistry LDH
Clinical Chemistry CK (Total)
Clinical Chemistry CK-MB
Clinical Chemistry Troponin I
Clinical Chemistry Calcium (total)
Clinical Chemistry Phosphorus
Clinical Chemistry Magnisium
Clinical Chemistry Serum Iron
Clinical Chemistry TIBC
Clinical Chemistry Serum Feritin
Clinical Chemistry Stone analysis
Clinical Chemistry Ascitic, Pleural or CSF chemical
Clinical Chemistry Protein (urine, CSF,Ascitis,..)
Clinical Chemistry Protein electrophoresis
Clinical Chemistry 24 hours urine protein
Clinical Chemistry Protein creatinine ration
Clinical Chemistry VMA
Clinical Chemistry Bence Jones protein
Clinical Chemistry Microalbuminuria
Clinical Chemistry Urine Examination
Clinical Chemistry Stool Examination
Clinical Chemistry Stool for occult blood
Clinical Chemistry Free T3
Clinical Chemistry Free T 4
Clinical Chemistry TSH
Clinical Chemistry FSH
Clinical Chemistry LH
Clinical Chemistry Prolactin prl
Clinical Chemistry Testosterone
Clinical Chemistry Vit B 12
Clinical Chemistry Folic acid
Clinical Chemistry Free Testosterone
Clinical Chemistry Pregnancy test qualitative
Clinical Chemistry Pregnancy test quatitative
Clinical Chemistry Ertradiole E2
Clinical Chemistry Progestrone
Clinical Chemistry DHEA-S
Clinical Chemistry Cortisol AM
Clinical Chemistry Cortisol PM
Clinical Chemistry Cortisol urine
Clinical Chemistry Growth hormone GH
Clinical Chemistry Parathyroid hormone PTH
Hematotogy CBC without diff.
Hematotogy CBC with diff
Hematotogy WBCs total
Hematotogy HB
Hematotogy Platelet count
Hematotogy ESR
Hematotogy ABO group
Hematotogy Rh type
Hematotogy Malaria or Faliraia screen
Hematotogy RBCs count
Hematotogy Indirect Coomb's test
Hematotogy Direct Coomb's test
Hematotogy Osmotic Fragality
Hematotogy G6PD quantitative
Hematotogy Bleeding time
Hematotogy Prothrombin time PT
Hematotogy Partial thromboplastin time PTT
Hematotogy Fibrinogen
Hematotogy FDPs
Hematotogy D dimar quantitative
Hematotogy Protein C
Immunology RF latex qualitative
Immunology Rf latex quatitative
Immunology Rf Rosewaalar
Immunology ANA
Immunology ANA titre
Immunology Anti LKM+ANA
Immunology Anti thyroid Abs
Immunology AMA
Immunology ANCA
Immunology Anti DNA double strand
Immunology anti DNA by IF
Immunology Antiphospholipid IgG or IgM
Immunology IgG
Immunology IgA
Immunology IgM
Immunology C3
Immunology C4
Immunology Anti CCp
Immunology HIV I & II
Immunology HAV IgM
Immunology HBsAg
Immunology HBsAb
Immunology HBsAb IgM
Immunology HBe Ag
Immunology Hbe Ab
Immunology HCV Ab
Immunology B2 microglobin
Immunology CEA
Immunology AFP
Immunology Total PSA
Immunology Free PSA
Immunology CA 15.3
Immunology CA 19.9
Immunology CA 125
Microbiology Direct Microscopic examination
Microbiology Routine bacterial C & S
Microbiology Anaerobic bacterial C & S
Microbiology Blood culture aerobic and anaerobic
Microbiology Mocobacterium culture
Microbiology ZN stain (one sample)
Microbiology Bacterial exa. Of aspirated body fluid
Microbiology Routine stool culture
Microbiology Fungal culture
Microbiology Direct microscopic fungal exa ( KOH or Giemsa)
Microbiology Serlology
Microbiology ASOT
Microbiology CRP
Microbiology Brucella
Microbiology Widal
Microbiology TPHA
Microbiology VDRL
Microbiology Chalmydia tarchomatis Ag
Microbiology CMV IgG or IgM
Microbiology Rubella IgG or Igm
Microbiology EBV VCA igG or IgM
Microbiology HSV II IgG or IgM
Microbiology Toxomasma IgG or IgM
Microbiology Ebtamoeba Ab IgG or IgM
Microbiology Bilharzia IHA
Microbiology Asparagillus Ag
Microbiology Candida Ag



Cardiac Catheterization Room: It is one of the three compartments have been processed for use in the interventional diagnosis and treatment of heart patients of all ages, a highly efficient where they work two-dimensional system Biplane.


Equipped with the latest level and contains a large number of devices required for the rehabilitation of heart patients


Emergency Department receives patients of acute heart attacks and strokes to open arteries and dissolve clots. Service provided through the catheter and stenting



Outpatient Clinic (1)

Dressing: all the day

Outpatient Clinic (5)

For coagulations

9:00 a.m : 10:30 a.m10:30 a.m : 12:00 p.m12:00 p.m - 1:30 p.m

 Outpatient Clinic
Outpatient Clinic
Outpatient Clinic
Outpatient Clinic
Outpatient Clinic
Saturday Pediatric Cardiosurgery:
Dr. Hassan Meftah
Pediatric Cardiosurgery:
Dr. Ashraf Abdelhameed
Dr. Ahmed Hassouna
Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Tamer Aboo Azab
Admission Clinic
Sunday Pediatric:
Dr. Waleed El Gendy
Pediatric Cardiosurgery:
Dr. Waleed Ismail
Dr. Ayman Ammar
Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Ahmed Shawky
Admission Clinic
Monday Pediatric:
Dr. Nevien
Dr. Mohamed Attiah
Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Sameh Attiah
Admission Clinic
Tuesday Pediatric Cardiology:
Dr. Dina Adel
Pediatric Cardiosurgery:
Dr. Sherif Azab
Dr. Ihab Abdelrazik
Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Ahmed Nabil
Admission Clinic
Wednesday   Pediatric Cardiosurgery:
Dr. Hamdy Abdelwareth
Dr. Mohsen Abdelkareem
Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Adel Shabana
Admission Clinic
Thursday     Cardiosurgery:
Dr. Ahmed Abdelsamee
  Admission Clinic

 Outpatient Clinic
Outpatient Clinic
Outpatient Clinic
Outpatient Clinic
Outpatient Clinic
Saturday Vascular Surgery:
Dr. Kareem Shalaby
Committee of Pediatric Cardiosurgery: Cardiosurgery:
Dr. Hoassam El Shehawy
Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Ahmed Abdeltawaab
Admission Clinic
Sunday     Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Yasser Alaa
Committee of Cardiosurgery: Admission Clinic
Monday Smoking Cessation:
Dr. Hasan El Kholy
Pediatric Cardiosurgery:
Dr. Ahmed Samy
Dr. Faisal Morad
Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Khaled Saeed
Admission Clinic
Tuesday     Cardiosurgery:
Dr. Mohamed El Ghanam
Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Ahmed Fouad
Admission Clinic
Wednesday Pediatric Cardiology:
Dr. Mai El Sayed
Dr. Dina Adel
Dr. Mohamed Nabiel
Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Sameh Sameer
Admission Clinic
Thursday     Cardiosurgery:
Dr. Ihab Abdelrazik
  Admission Clinic

 Outpatient Clinic
Outpatient Clinic
Outpatient Clinic
Outpatient Clinic
Outpatient Clinic
Saturday   Pediatric Cardiology:
Dr. Yasmeen Abdelrazik
Dr. Ahmed Helmy
Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Khaled Ali
Admission Clinic
Sunday Pediatric Cardiology:
Dr. Azza El Fiky
Diabetes Clinic:
Dr. Abeer Ahmed
Dr. Ahmed Fouad
Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Ahmed El Sayed
Admission Clinic
Monday   Pediatric Cardiology:
Dr. Alaa Roshdy
Dr. Ahmed Rizk
Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Mohamed Zahran
Admission Clinic
Tuesday     Cardiosurgery:
Dr. Mostafa Gamal
Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Ahmed Onsi
Admission Clinic
Wednesday Vascular Surgery:
Dr. Kareem Sabry
Geriatric Cardiology:
Dr. Mokhtar Moustafa
Dr. Rami Khorsheid
Committee of Thoracic Surgery: Admission Clinic
Thursday         Admission Clinic


Nurse Miss. Wafaa Miss. Mayesaa Miss Nadia Miss. Hanaa Miss. Asmaa
Miss. Anwaar
Miss. Amaal
Miss. Hadyaa Miss. Ferdaws Miss. Wafaa
Miss. Etimaad

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